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Association Euro Méditerranéenne pour l'Echange et le


Dialogue Interculturel




La  Rencontre de Formation Euro - Méditerranéenne :



 « Le dialogue interculturel dans l'espace euro méditeranéene  » 


France, Montpellier du 03 au 08 septembre  2018



 Objectifs du projet :

  • Pour créer une plate-forme d'échange et de réflexion sur le dialogue interculturel entre les différents pays.
  • Pour créer un espace de réflexion sur le dialogue interculturel - la signification du concept, ses ramifications et ses liens avec la citoyenneté euro méditerranéenne;

  • Pour comparer les perceptions et les pratiques des organisations partenaires et leurs réseaux d'organisations de la société civile liées au dialogue interculturel au sein de différents pays ;


  • Pour créer un espace de dialogue interculturel au sein de différents groupes de travail

 Localisation :

Celleneuve, 34080 Montpellier, France


 Partenaire :

Algérie, Maroc, Espagne, Italie, Autriche, Lituanie, Pays Bas, France. 


 Activités :


Chaque partenaire du projet se verra attribuer un thème de travail, qui sera examiné par le groupe de citoyens créés dans chaque pays. Ces thèmes de travail sont sous-thèmes du thème du projet - le dialogue interculturel - à choisir dans la liste suivante:

La perception de l'interculturalité par la société civile,

Le dialogue interculturel et l'intégration,

Le dialogue interculturel et le dialogue entre les générations,

Le dialogue interculturel et la mobilité; quels moyens pour promouvoir le dialogue interculturel? Le dialogue interculturel et la diversité linguistique.

Après la réunion de lancement, chaque partenaire a créé un document de 8 pages sur le sujet choisi, traduit à la fois en anglais et en français. Les documents ont été structurée autour de 5 questions se posent au cours du projet afin de proposer des réponses concrètes à la fin du projet. 

Chaque groupe de travail a eu la responsabilité sur le thème abordé et le contenu qui lui est dédié sur le blog, même si chaque groupe a contribué à enrichir les réflexions sur les thèmes des autres groupes.



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Association Euro-Méditerranéenne pour l’Echange et le Dialogue interculturel

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MORE THAN CULTURE - The diversity-conscious approach in practise

Training course

10-14 March 2013 | Heppenheim, Germany

The discourse on aims and structures in international youth work includes a perspective on diverse backgrounds of participants and takes into consideration the expertise of diversity education, antidiscrimination work and social justice practises.

The discourse on aims and structures in international youth work includes more and more a perspective on diverse backgrounds and different possibilities of participants and takes into consideration the expertise of diversity education, antidiscrimination work and social justice practises.

In the last 10 years in Germany the diversityconscious approach has been developed in the field of nonformal learning. It questions an exclusive focus on cultural differences (that we still find f.e. in some ‘traditional’ intercultural learning concepts) and is based on a discomfort with generalisations and simplified explications.
It is positioned explicitly on distance to an understanding of diversity, which is coming from and used mainly in the economic sector. Of course many concepts of diversity share the perspective on a broader set of differences: Apart from nationality or different cultural backgrounds there are other relevant categories like gender, class, abilities or concrete contexts like the family background or sub
cultural belonging, which has to be included in the work on differences. But the diversity conscious approach strengthens particularly the perspective on social justice and reflects
power structures and discrimination in society and daily life.

As one of the main initiatives of the JiVE project (youth work international experiencing diversity)
(www.jive diversityconscious education will be theoretically discussed and
implemented in the pedagogical approaches of International youth work. With this training course we would like to make a step forward to shift paradigms in the practise of international youth exchange. It’s not about teaching the ‘right’ way but about critical reflexion, movement and about developing a diversity
conscious attitude.

• How can we create a setting in which participants are not reduced on their country of
residence or their nationality?
• How can we see more than the assumed ‘typical’ or ‘normal’?
• How can we learn about diversity without simplifying complexity and losing sight of social
valuations and structures?
• How can we reflect discrimination practises on personal and social level connected with
several differences?
• How can we discover inequality and work in an empowering way?

Objectives for participants:
• to learn what a diversity
conscious approach is about
• to deepen the consciousness about our own belongings, power positions and experiences
with diversity and discrimination in your international co
operation with your partner(s)
• to experience and reflect a diversity
conscious attitude as facilitator
• to experience concrete methods for international youth exchange and reflect, discuss and adapt them
• to plan concrete steps to implement a diversity
conscious perspective in a concrete
seminar and in their organisations

Target group:
The training course is designed for experienced educators, youth workers or facilitators who are
• facilitating international youth exchanges for a time
• interested to participate together with an international partner
• interested and able to continue their engagement in this working field
• willing to reflect their educational practise and the dominant focus on cultural
differences in youth exchanges
• interested in adapting a new perspective to their work

Teamwork with your international partner:
If you are interested to participate ask your international partner to come with you! We invite and prefer teams of two partners who already worked together for an international youth exchange in the last years and who plan to continue a close partnership. The training will include time slots in which partners have time to plan next projects by adopting the attitude of the diversity conscious approach.

Available downloads:


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Employability Coaching within Non-Formal Education and Learning


Training course

10-16 June 2013 | Murcia, Spain

This course is an experiential learning application of strength-based techniques to coaching for employability and targets education professionals who have a desire to work on their personal and professional development.

INTER-ACCION has developed and delivered this course to a number of public and private organisations across Europe. This is a special occasion where we have the opportunity to offer this course to education and training professionals with the support of the European Union LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME.

Our methodology is based on cognitive behavioural coaching techniques and strength-based approaches. You will be introduced to and experiment with a variety of non-formal learning exercises and techniques, such as group work, role-playing, simulations, creation activities, peer-interviews, feedback activities, debriefing, etc., to approach the contents.

You will go through the stages of Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is an organisational development technique. It is a particular way of asking questions and envisioning the future, which allows positive synergies and develops what is positive in a person, situation, or organisation.




Contact for questions:

Juan Ratto-Nielsen



Phone: +34668821231



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The diversity-conscious

approach in practise






Training course


10-14 March 2013 | Heppenheim, Germany

The discourse on aims and structures in international youth work includes a perspective on diverse backgrounds of participants and takes into consideration 

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